Wow. I can’t believe I’m here. I can’t believe that I actually started my own blog! Here’s the back story, sort of. There’s so much to my story so buckle up. I was never good at school. I hated learning “pointless” topics and definitely wasn’t the smartest. I counted myself out in more ways than one in school, I never finished college, and ended up at a fire academy training to be an EMT, who would have thought? The point is, I never felt qualified or good enough in anything I tried. I wasn’t the most athletic in school even though my siblings and friends played every sport under the sun, I was a cheerleader and volleyball player. I remember my senior year, sophomores and juniors were starting over me and it was humiliating. I couldn’t wait for the season to be over, if we’re being honest. I averaged B’s and C’s in high school and it truthfully didn’t bother me to be average. I was average at most things I did and thought that’s all I’d ever be.

I went to college having not one clue what I wanted to study. I was very shy and just wanted to stay home, but I went and did the whole dorm room thing, got stuck with a roommate who was complete opposite of me, cried often, studied a lot because I had nothing else to do, and ended up with a 4.0 my first semester. I was so proud! I ended up transferring school multiple times and majoring in everything from personal training, nursing, fashion merchandising, back to nursing and like I said, ended up at a fire academy. Looking back as such a shy girl and freshly 21, I don’t know how I went through with that. But any who, long story short, my career in EMS lasted for 2 years before meeting my now husband who whisked me away to live with him an hour and half from home. I got pregnant very early on and just assumed I would continue working in EMS. Then I held my beautiful Emmie Lou for the first time and knew, there was no way I was going back to work. No way, no how I could or would ever leave her.

Long story short, (we will probably get into it later at some point) I ended up going back to work and hating every second of it. I kept praying for a way to make money from home. I looked into so many different things, again, like starting a daycare, real estate, scribing for medical offices from home, it didn’t matter what it was I just wanted to be home. I ended up joining a Network Marketing company and fell in love instantly, (again long story that will be revealed later). This was the ticket and the way I ended up quitting my career in EMS and becoming a work from home mama. With lots of ebbs and flows of business, I developed a love for writing because of the content I would create and put out on my social media. I guess I never realized how much I love it, but here we are. For two years I’ve been dreaming of writing a book, blog, and having my own podcast someday. I think about it daily but have been so nervous to even try. It goes in the back of my mind and is just that, a dream. I preach on social media about not worrying about others opinions, doing what’s on your heart, and using your gift for good. And here I am, not following my own advice.

So here it is. I finally started! To be honest, I don’t even know how to blog. I could sit here and google it and make sure everything is perfect, stress about the look or topic.. or I could just write, which is all I want to do. Maybe no one reads this and I’m talking to myself. That’s absolutely okay! I’m so excited about doing what I’ve put off for two years that even if I just impact one person with anything I have to say, it will all be worth it.

Today, I’m here to remind you that even if it’s not perfect, even if you feel unqualified, even if you weren’t good in school, didn’t graduate college, weren’t the most athletic, or did life completely backwards; you have purpose, you have a story to tell, you have the ability to do all that God has called you to do. If you’re still with me, you’ve read just a few of the struggles I’ve had in my 28 years. I still have doubts and fears. But what I have learned being in the industry I’m in now, is that getting uncomfortable and putting yourself out there in spite of the fears, is the only way we will ever grow and serve others. I’m not the only human on this planet who has struggles and you aren’t either. Embrace it and be bold. You’ll never regret starting.